Elaini at Urbaca Salon – Portland, OR

This blog post is near to my heart & exciting for my business with the opportunities it brings to flourish in Portland!
Elaini of miss•elaini•ous has been an inspiration to me and my lifestyle ever since I had the honor of meeting this sweet lady in the quaint coffee shop, Monti’s, on the SE side of Portland. Ironically, last year when I was living in Salt Lake City, UT my dear friend, Emily, asked if I could photograph her and a friend for the 12 Days of Christmas Fashion Blogger, Elaini, to assist in raising money for orphans in India. 12 girls each modeled one day of the 12 Days of Christmas with a dress of their choice. On top of the photo shoot, each girl had to raise $1,000 for the orphans. You can check out Emily & Marika’s fashion blogs I photographed here:
Emily: http://misselainious.com/uncategorized/day-317-on-the-6th-day-of-christmas/
Marika: http://misselainious.com/uncategorized/day-319-on-the-8th-day-of-christmas/

Elaini’s background and life journey is truly an inspiration to me and I deeply admire this woman for what she has been given in life and what decisions she decided upon, to make the best of her situation. I strongly encourage you to read her story here:
Taking 5 minutes to digest her journey will change your perspective on life!

When Elaini and I met in that small coffee shop for the first time, she expressed that she won’t be continuing the 12 Days of Christmas this year, but is still searching for 12 people to donate $1,000 for the orphans. Let me backtrack… since the early days of owning my own business, my goal every year is to go on a mission trip to another country to help children in need. Every year life gets crazy and I never end up fulfilling this goal. Prior to meeting with Elaini, I had been praying that God would lead me in a direction that got me closer to a mission trip. With the big move to Portland, OR this year, I knew a mission trip probably wasn’t possible, but I still wanted to do something to give back. I have been truly blessed with an amazing life journey, I am surrounded by people who love me and support me, I am very fortunate to have the flexible freedom of owning my own business and in my heart, I know what’s missing is helping those who are less fortunate. When Elaini told me she needed volunteers to donate $1,000, it was like God was placing me in that coffee shop for that exact reason! I’m honored to announce that Kiersta Rhodes Photography will be donating $1,000 to this beautiful cause!! Below is the miss•elaini•ous goal. With the busy holiday season amongst us, I’m glad this donation will be a constant reminder to me of the true reason for the season. I’ve been so busy shopping and making sure I didn’t miss anyone on my list but I need to keep reminding myself that it’s about being with the ones I love most & taking the time to escape the busy everyday-life I live. If you feel it upon your heart to help Elaini in the funding process, you can do so here:
Your donation consideration is greatly appreciated by both Elaini & I!!

The images below are of the beautiful, Elaini at Urbaca Hair Salon. I photographed her in a bohemian bridesmaid look. Urbaca Hair Salon was a wonderful team of creative people and I look forward to advancing with them in the near future!! Special thanks to Sherry Okamura!

Salon: Urbaca Hair Salon • http://www.urbacahairsalon.com
Model: Elaini Garfield • http://misselainious.com
Flowers: City Flowers Portland • http://www.cityflowerspdx.com

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